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Tech is in our bones.

The process of creation requires a deep dive into the full breadth of your vision. As we journey into every nook and cranny, we'll uncover jewels that were previously hidden.


If you are passionate and fully aligned with your vision, hungering to fulfill your dream, and bring it all to life, we would love to learn more.

As you piece together your vision, remember that it's not just a book or an app, it's about developing a consistent, personal brand.


As we publish your books and develop your apps, we'll enrich your brand so that all the elements and all the pieces merge to create a compelling symphony.

Join us!

Connecting with audiences is becoming more and more challenging, largely because audiences require immersive experiences to inspire their loyal engagement.

If you understand your primary audience, and if you have a vision for a unique web or mobile app, let's talk about the possibilities.

Paul Wagner and the HummingBear team love to imagine and build unique apps that are infused with functionalities designed to grow new fans.

Together (with chocolate and espresso), we can build apps that have unlimited potential.

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